Benoit explains why pro football is superior to college

He says it's tidier which makes it easier to study and analyze

Baskin & Phelps
July 12, 2018 - 1:45 pm

Credit USA Today Images


Andy Benoit from Sports Illustrated joined Andy and Les to compare pro and college football.

The first thing he said was that his editors asked him to write the piece and he didn't intend it to be a big, hot take.

He discussed strategic differences within the games like the width of the hashmarks for instance.

He says the hashmarks dictate a lot of strategic differences like pocket passing in the pros and spread offenses in college.

Benoit said the NFL is simpler and more organized in terms of studying the game so that's why he gravitated toward it in the first place

He said he watches plenty of college football in a draft capacity and understands the allure, but his personal preference is to watch the best of the best.