Baker Mayfield cleared the air with Daniel Jones

Browns QB says GQ interviewed him in April, comments were not in proper context

Daryl Ruiter
August 21, 2019 - 12:27 pm

Berea, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – Baker Mayfield played defense following the release of a GQ profile of him Tuesday afternoon.

Mayfield reached out to New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones following criticism in the wake of comments the Browns’ quarterback made to GQ which were published on Tuesday morning.

Mayfield felt it was important to reach out to Jones via text message Tuesday afternoon following an uproar out of New York City and nationally to “clear the air” over comments he made four months ago.

“I reached out to Daniel because all that stuff blew way out of hand,” Mayfield said Wednesday after the Browns wrapped up training camp. “I wanted him to know how I felt.”

According to Mayfield, Jones was understanding and told him “no worries.”

Mayfield was bothered that the comments, which spread like wildfire on social media and across the internet, did not include the full context of the conversation that took place back in April.

“To me that came back on my character,” Mayfield said. “That’s one thing… I don’t care about a lot of opinions if you like me or not, but that looked like my character was way out of line.”

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens wasn’t surprised that Mayfield reached out to Jones.

“That is what I fully expect him to do because he wanted to make sure it was interpreted properly,” Kitchens said. “And I would too if I were him.”

The magazine quoted Mayfield during a casual conversation that took place at a Cleveland restaurant with the author when a segment on the Giants appeared on the TVs that were tuned to ESPN prompting this comment from Mayfield: “I cannot believe the Giants took Daniel Jones," adding, “Blows my mind.”

Jones went 17-19 at Duke and his selection was a surprise to many. Mayfield essentially had the same reaction many in the media did, yet he was painted as the bad guy onece again.

Another portion of the conversation was parsed in which Mayfield was lamenting the quarterback recruitment and selection process in collage as well as the NFL.

“Some people overthink it,” Mayfield was quoted as saying. “That's where people go wrong. They forget you've gotta win.”

But the article seemed to portray the remark as directed at Jones, which created a problem for Mayfield, who did his best Wednesday to clear up the misunderstanding with reporters by providing the context from the quotes that he felt was missing.

“That interview was done back in April, right after the draft,” Mayfield said. “Just things taken out of context. That’s the problem with today’s day and age. You don’t read the whole thing. You don’t put two and two together. You just kinda read scripts and people, they combine sentences from different conversations and so it seemed very disrespectful and I can understand that.”

Mayfield, a two-time walk-on turned Heisman Trophy winner in college, maintains he was primarily speaking about himself and his own personal experiences.

“What people didn’t realize, the conversation entailed of me saying I was surprised I was drafted No. 1 overall, and then me going on a rant after that about QB evaluation and the frustration from the college recruiting process,” Mayfield said. “And so it had nothing to do with Daniel specifically about the winning and stuff.”