Baker Mayfield: “There’s a reason everybody” is talking about NFL officiating

Browns QB realizes they are “not going to get a lot of calls”

Daryl Ruiter
October 23, 2019 - 3:22 pm
CLEVELAND, OHIO - OCTOBER 13: Quarterback Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns passes during the first quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at FirstEnergy Stadium on October 13, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images


Berea, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – Baker Mayfield might be sending more money to the league office.

The Browns’ quarterback not only stood by saying, “it was pretty bad” regarding the officiating following a 32-28 loss to Seattle on Oct. 13, he doubled down.

“Well, one, I wouldn’t say it’s complaining when it’s blatantly obvious,” Mayfield said Wednesday. “I’d say that’s just stating facts. Freedom of speech I thought, but that’s OK, I get fined for it. It’s the league, that’s what they do. They fine you for some ridiculous things. That’s just how it is.

“There’s a reason that everybody is talking about it. It’s not just me. It goes for every team.”

The call that really drew Mayfield’s ire was a blindside block penalty on receiver Jarvis Landry against the Seahawks in the third quarter on a second and 9 from their own 22 that wiped out a 4-yard catch by Nick Chubb that would’ve set up third and 9. Instead it turned into second and 22 and killed the drive.

Head coach Freddie Kitchens has resisted any public criticism of officials despite his frustration with some calls and he’s not worrying about his players paying fines over their criticism.

“I like money so I am not going to complain about the officials,” Kitchens said. “If they want to give their money to the league, they can do it. It does not matter to me either way. I would like for them to keep their money, but I also like our guys to be passionate about what they are doing. They have a decision to make, I guess.”

The Browns, forever the league’s doormat that often saw the lower officiating crews assigned to their games, are 2-4 and trying to turn their season and the franchise around.

For Mayfield that in and of itself is a difficult task, but he worries that officiating is making it even harder.

“We’re not going to get a lot of calls, and we know that, especially going into this week,” Mayfield said, referring to Sunday’s game at New England. “There’s no time to worry about it. No time to tress about it. Just play our game.”

Mayfield was fined $12,500 for his original remarks, but he feels its money well spent.

“I knew I was going to get fined, but it needs to be said,” Mayfield said. “People need to be held accountable for their job. When it affects my job, it sucks because it’s not in my control.”

Another fine letter will likely be on its way with Mayfield's name on it.