Browns dumbfounded by Ravens posting video defending Marlon Humphrey

Chris Hubbard said, "The dude is really like trying to strangle my brother"

Daryl Ruiter
October 01, 2019 - 11:13 am

Mitchell Layton-USA TODAY Sports


Berea, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – The eye in the sky doesn’t lie.

That’s the Browns’ response to the stunningly bizarre article and video posted by the Baltimore Ravens on their website and official team account Tuesday morning claiming that Ravens safety Marlon Humphrey did not choke Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. during a third quarter scuffle.

“You look at the video, I looked at it this morning, the dude is really like trying to strangle my brother,” right tackle Chris Hubbard said. “Something has to be done about that, no matter what it is. You can’t have that in this league.”

Read the post and look at the video the Ravens posted by clicking here.

The partial video posted by the Ravens Tuesday morning shows the beginning of the scuffle between Beckham and Humphrey with just over three minutes remaining in the third quarter but stops short of showing the entire exchange, including Beckham’s teammates rallying to his defense. Humphrey can be clearly seen having Beckham by his jersey at the neckline, but it also shows Humphrey applying pressure to the neck area as well, which, by definition, is choking, even if his hands aren’t physically on Beckham’s neck.

Head coach Freddie Kitchens confirmed Tuesday that he has spoken with the league office about the incident but declined to expound upon the details of the conversation.

As for what the Ravens published, Kitchens didn’t have much to say but the dismay could be seen on his face while being asked about it.

“Did you see the video?” Kitchens said. “That’s my response. We’re moving on to San Francisco. Everybody saw the video. So that answers your question, right?”

When asked again about what Baltimore posted Kitchens responded, “Doesn't matter to me what they do. I don't care.”  

The video mostly confirms what was seen on the game broadcast – the two grappling with each other, including by the facemask, Beckham throwing punch and Humphrey directly on top of Beckham, who was laying on his back, with his hands near Beckham’s neck.

The Browns are still equally stunned that Humphrey wasn’t ejected by referee Shawn Hochuli, who explained after the game that “We didn’t see anything on the field that rose to the level of a disqualifying foul.”

“I was very surprised,” Hubbard said. “Very surprised, because it’s shown evident on the tape that he’s choking this man out. It’s something that should be talked about.”

Beckham declined comment Tuesday.

The problem with the Ravens’ video is that is cut off, and the angle shown does not clearly show where Humphrey’s left hand is. Even though Humphrey clearly has a fistful of jersey in his right hand, he later pushed towards Beckham’s neck, which again the Ravens did not include in their video but could be seen on the televised broadcast.

“That’s kinda messed up that they did say that,” Hubbard said. “It’s evident. Like I said, it’s on film.”