Chris Fedor: The Cavs win Game 2 nine times out of ten

He says the Celtics are mentally tougher than most teams

Baskin & Phelps
May 17, 2018 - 11:51 am

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Chris Fedor joined Andy and Jeff to discuss the Cavs/Celtics series. Chris said it's difficult to stick with his prediction of Cavs in 6, but he warned that Boston has been a much worse team on the road in the postseason

He said that Game 2 would have been a game the Cavs win against Indiana or Toronto, but this Celtics group is so mentally tough.

Chris said the supporting cast is being tested in this series beyond the first two rounds, and they're showing they're a flawed roster. Andy asked Chris if the Cavs playbook is as simple as it looks and Chris said it's a bit more complicated than it looks, it's just the Cavs are being taken out of their basic sets.

Chris suggested speeding up the pace within the half court a bit, and admitted that the offense is as basic at times as LeBron getting the ball and doing his thing.

Finally they spoke about Boston deserving a lot credit, regardless of how the Cavs have played.