Browns helmet, facemask to remain unchanged with new uniforms

NFL may not approve team's 'Color Rush' uniform request for 2019

Daryl Ruiter
July 26, 2019 - 8:01 pm

Daryl Ruiter-92.3 The Fan

Berea, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – When the Cleveland Browns unveil their uniforms next year, the helmet will remain the same.

David Jenkins, Browns executive vice president and chief operating officer, confirmed that in an interview with Ken Carman and Anthony Lima on 92.3 The Fan Friday morning.

“The helmet will remain untouched,” Jenkins said. “Our fans want the helmets as they are.”

Jenkins declined to provide any details of what the new uniforms will look like other than to say they’ll be, “Brown, orange and white. Some combination of that.”

The team won’t change the facemask either and go through what they did in 2015 when they switched from a grey facemask to brown, forcing them to redo the team’s helmet branding.

The Browns view their helmet as iconic and the helmet logo will likely remain the primary mark for the team going forward following lengthy internal discussions about branding to accompany the new uniforms.

The one detail we know about the new uniforms is that the current ‘color rush’ uniforms are not going away next year multiple sources have told 92.3 The Fan.

In the spring the Browns submitted a request to the league office to be permitted to wear their popular ‘color rush’ uniforms between six and eight times this upcoming season but there is growing sentiment that the NFL will not grant their request.

The NFL has yet to comment on the Browns’ request for this story.

If you look closely at the team’s marketing materials this season, the color rush design is a primary theme and players wore the uniform for their official photo shoot earlier this offseason.

There are several factors in play.

Unlike the Los Angles Chargers, who received permission to wear their iconic powder blues as a primary uniform this season, the Browns’ ‘color rush’ uniforms don’t meet that standard. They are special promotional uniform introduced a few years ago as part of the NFL’s ‘color rush’ initiative introduced for all 32 teams.

Nike also has a say.

The NFL’s uniform provider has already produced significant stock of the current uniforms, including for Odell Beckham Jr., and the thinking by Nike is simple, if the team isn’t wearing the regular uniforms that have been produced for retail, the existing stock won’t sell.

LeBron James faced a similar problem with Nike in his attempt to give Anthony Davis his No. 23 jersey, which is on hold for a year.

The uniform schedules for every team are finalized by the end of July.

Stay tuned.