Color rush: Browns hope to wear popular unis more in 2019

NFL must approve team's request to wear them more than the 3 times currently allowed

Daryl Ruiter
April 22, 2019 - 9:51 pm

Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – When Odell Beckham Jr. had new publicity photos and video taken for the Browns and NFL last week it was not an accident that he was wearing the team’s popular color rush uniform.

He held the same jersey up at his introductory press conference earlier this month as well.

Beckham posted pictures and video of the shoot on his social media accounts and the Browns are hoping fans will be allowed to see more of them in 2019 than the maximum three games league rules allow, but that is up to the NFL.

The Los Angeles Chargers received permission last week to make their powder blue uniforms their primary home uniforms this fall, and Cleveland is hoping the league will grant a similar request. The difference is that the Chargers’ powder blue uniforms, which date back to the 1970s, are in their regular rotation and were not a special promotional uniform.

In 2016 the NFL rolled out the color rush uniform designs in conjunction with Nike and oddly enough because the Ravens were wearing all purple uniforms and there was expected to be difficulty discerning between teams easily – especially for fans with color blindness, the Browns were unable to debut them and had to wear their regular all-white combination for that game.

Cleveland was the last team to actually wear them on the field. 

After the Browns snapped their 19-game winless streak against the Jets in them last September, their popularity took off among fans and they wore them two more times in 2018.

The uniforms are very prominent on the team’s social media feeds, and while that might just be a coincidence, it is hard not to notice.

With four primetime games and three more in the coveted 4:25 Sunday afternoon slot, promoting the sleek, clean look would make plenty of sense.

The Browns recognize the popularity of the special uniforms among fans – as well as the players. The seal brown jersey features bright orange numerals and lettering along with three orange stripes on the sleeves that don’t wrap around to the chest like the 2015 remakes do.  

It is our understanding that the Browns pan to retain the existing color rush uniforms with the new 2020 look.

We originally reported in March 2018 that the Browns were getting a uniform redesign to replace the current threads that were unveiled in 2015 and owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam confirmed that on the record with a few reporters at the NFL owners meetings last month.

Multiple sources have indicated that behind the scenes field testing of the new uniforms has already begun and the team has even published video of executive vice president J.W. Johnson revealing the new look to Baker Mayfield, Beckham Jr. and others earlier this month.

Based on what the little information we’ve been able to gather about the specific look of the new uniforms, it does appear that Dee Haslam’s “nothing fancy” description of them in Arizona is on the money.       

What we have learned is that there will not be a fourth color introduced to the palette as the team will stick with brown, orange and white that franchise has used since its inception.

At first the nine uniform combinations with ‘Cleveland’ across the chest, ‘Browns’ down the side of the pants and a brighter shade of orange that debuted in 2015 appeared to be novel and fresh, but going 4-44 in the first three seasons in them combined with difficulties seeing numbers from the press box led the organization to feel another change was in order, but this time returning to a cleaner more classic look.

NFL rules stipulate that teams must wait five years between any uniform redesigns meaning that the 2020 season was the earliest the Browns could make a change, otherwise it would’ve been done already.