Drew Carey excited for the Browns, happy to see downtown transformation

The Cleveland legend is hoping for plenty of Browns wins this fall

James Rapien
July 07, 2019 - 6:39 pm

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Drew Carey hopes Browns fans are in a good mood on Monday mornings this fall.

The Cleveland legend discussed the Browns and other topics prior to the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game on Sunday.

“I’m really happy and I have a lot of hope and I’m excited.” Carey said. “It’s very exciting. It brings the city together.”

Carey, 61, was all smiles on Sunday. Not only is he happy about the Browns' potential, but he loves the transformation that downtown has gone through in recent years. He hopes fans can separate the success of their favorite teams from what Cleveland has to offer. 

“It means a lot to people to support a local team and it represents the city,” Carey said. “You almost feel like if your team doesn’t do well than your city’s no good, which is a bad way to think if you ask me.

“A city like Cleveland that has so many things going on that are great, why wrap it up into one thing like that or one team or one player?”

Carey knows how much the Browns mean to the city and he hopes fans are rewarded for the struggles they’ve went through for more than two decades. The thought of the Browns succeeding let

“I remember I used to work at a vending machine place,” Carey said. “On Monday, if the Browns had lost, everyone would be complaining and just like in a bad mood. If they [Browns] won they’d be in a good mood buying coffee for each other. I hope a lot of people get coffee bought for each other this year.”

Watch the entire interview with Drew Carey at the top of this article. He discussed his television shows, Cleveland, the softball game and so much more.