LeBron James is heading to west to Los Angeles

Nick Wilson writes his thoughts on LeBron heading to the Lakers

Nick Wilson
July 01, 2018 - 11:37 pm
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I’ve just spent the last three hours fighting a percentage of Clevelanders on social media.


Well for one, Twitter is a cesspool of anger and regret with no real meaning or redeeming value in the real world.

On social media, people argue if a hotdog is a sandwich with the same ferocity in which they argue (to no end, mind you) serious political matters. It’s a place stocked full of echo chambers and hate mongers.

It’s a great website though, you should totally enrich your life by joining it.

The more pressing reason for my social media slugfests are that LeBron James has left the Cavaliers for the second time in eight years.

I’ve been called a loser, a fat ass, libtard and a jag-off. Most of these things are true but I don’t see what any of that has to do with LeBron leaving.

Namely, people are upset because I’m not furious at LeBron.

Don’t get me wrong, this sucks. It REALLY sucks. It sucks with such a force that it’s already been nominated for an AVN award later this year *fingers crossed they win!!!!*

After four years of NBA Finals appearances and constant title pursuits, we are all going back to NBA purgatory.

We’ve been sipping champagne for a good minute; now it’s back to natty light (a respectable brew indeed) and the tears of times gone by.

Some reports say Cavs owner Dan Gilbert doesn’t want to rebuild or go back to the lottery.

We can all want things.

I’d like an island in the tropics and for Scarlett Johansen to be into fat guys and polygamy.

At some point though, we all must face the reality of a rebuild.

Before all that reality, I’d like to reiterate. I’m not at all destroyed by this move.

I could rationalize with you about the roster being better than 2010, preach about the Cavs own decisions that aided this outcome or sermonize how no one can take away the 2016 title.

Actually, I think I’m going to do that last one.

A younger, more naïve me didn’t understand what LeBron truly meant to us when he left in 2010.

I was just pissed my team was going to suck and couldn’t figure out why he would leave.

The weight of being “one of us” and the cities brightest hope to bring acclaim to a region that’s often dumped on by outsiders didn’t register. The idea being the ‘Chosen Son’ isn’t all sunshine and rainbows hadn’t crossed my mind.

While I’m not sure anyone can fully comprehend this without living it themselves, I understand it more now.

The moment LeBron won the first title -- in Cleveland in over 50 years --  was really the first time I had an inkling of the pressure he’d gone through.

He collapsed on the court and we went down to the hardwood with him. As he cried, the pressure of 52 lousy years of sports, the jokes, the condescension…all of it slowly lifted from our chests. 

I’ve included my Twitter retelling of that fateful night. I’d retype it here, but I’d rather not cry again.

The LeBron news has Cleveland fans somewhere on the Kubler-Ross model of grieving between anger, depression and a helluva lot more anger.

I get it ... I guess I’m on the acceptance stage.

I’ve been critical of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert but I sure hope he proves me wrong by getting his second post-LeBron rebuild right.

I’m rooting for GM Koby Altman, who was put in an untenable situation, which has only grown worse over the last 12 months.

I hope head coach Tyronn Lue gets a chance to learn and develop with this young team as they learn and develop too.

As for LeBron, I wish the best to him and his beautiful family. It’s been a blast over the last four years, watching him fulfill his promise to this city and continue to ascend the ranks of the greatest of all-time.

I’ll always root for LeBron and can’t wait for the No. 23 to hang in the rafters at the Q.

But seriously LeBron, did it have to be the freakin’ Lakers?

Maybe I’m still working towards that whole acceptance thing.

It’s a process. Both grieving and rebuilding or so I’ve heard.