Hard Knocks, Episode 5: Cuts are made, stripes are earned

Series standouts are sent home

Kyle Lewandowski
September 04, 2018 - 11:58 pm
Browns general manager John Dorsey and head coach Hue Jackson speak during a training camp practice.

Daryl Ruiter-92.3 The Fan


Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) - The fifth episode of Hard Knocks took an in-depth look at the process behind cut day in Berea.

The first cut was an unexpected one when everyone in the building was shocked upon learning of Mychal Kendrick's involvement in an inside trading scheme.

"We will release Mychal Kendricks," Hue Jackson started as he addressed the team. "As I've said to all of you guys in here, there's decisions and there's consequences. And sometimes consequences are life-altering."

Much like previous episodes, the show went on to focus on the likes of Brogan Roback, Nate Orchard, Devon Cajuste and Carl Nassib as they fight for the final spots on teh 53-man roster. None of which made the team.

Here's what we learned in the series finale:

1. Tight End Devon Cajuste showed to be one of the focal points of the whole series for the HBO crew. His strong relationship with his father, who has suffered medical problems, was well documented earlier in the series. He was unable to make the trip to Detroit due to his heart condition.

"I'm feeling really, really good, but not good enought to go to the game so that's killing me," Gregory Cajuste said. "Just the thought of it, not being there doing my little whistle and him looking, knowing where I am, yeah, it's a big thing. It may not be big to anybody else, but it's a big thing to us."

Upon learning he did not make the team, Devon called his father from the bench they were together on earlier in the series. It was a cool moment for a player who will continue his journey elsewhere.

2. Assistant GM Elliot Wolf was in charge of the most difficult part of the process. He would call up players and tell them he needed to speak with them today before meeting with them and breaking the news. The players would then speak with Hue Jackson before gathering their belongings from the locker room and leaving the facility for the final time.

3. Hue Jackson called in Baker Mayfield and Drew Stanton to his office to inform them of the decision he has made.

"I think it's important that I addressed both of you guys together first," Hue said. "I've made a decision to make Baker the backup quarterback. I just wanted to make sure you guys heard it from me. Which is a lot of resposibility for [Baker], doesn't change for [Drew], still got to be ready to play, ready to go, but that's the direction I wanted to travel."

Hue then asked Drew to step out and spoke with Baker about what he has done so far.

"I'm proud of what you've done," Hue said. "You've handled everything the right way and I think that's important for this football team. Keep grinding. I'm going to keep creating situations for you to even do more. You keep doing your part, every day. I hope you understand the opportunity that's in front of you right now, but you've earned it. I'm not just giving it to you, you've earned it."