Harry Lyles Jr.: Collin Sexton is a killer

He says Sexton can be a major piece of the future, LeBron or no LeBron

Baskin & Phelps
June 25, 2018 - 1:30 pm

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Harry Lyles Jr. from SB Nation joined Andy and Les to discuss the Cavs selection of Collin Sexton.

He detailed why he's such a fan of Collin Sexton and why he felt it was a great pick for the Cavs. He went through both paths for Sexton, whether LeBron James stays or goes, Harry thinks Sexton will be an ideal piece for the Cavs moving forward.

He also discussed Collin's similarities to his coach at Alabama, Avery Johnson and whether LeBron will stay in Cleveland or head for LA.

Harry thinks something feels weird about James going to LA, whether it's Luke Walton or the idea that James may not be able build a superteam there.