A generic view of the Browns helmets. Head coach Hue Jackson is making his players earn the team's iconic Oreo stripe by making the roster this year.

Daryl Ruiter-92.3 The Fan

Hue Jackson making Browns ‘Earn their stripes’ in 2018

Players won’t receive iconic Oreo stripe until they make the team this year

June 05, 2018 - 6:23 pm

Berea, OH (92.3 The Fan) – If you've seen pictures and videos from the Browns offseason program and OTA practices recently you may have noticed something is missing from the team's helmets – the iconic Oreo stripe.

Every player – be it a veteran, rookie, free agent or waiver claim – is donning a plain orange helmet with brown facemask and will continue to do so through training camp.

Browns head coach Hue Jackson offered a simple explanation Tuesday as to why the stripes are missing.

“Earn it,” Jackson said. “There is a certain way that the Cleveland Browns have to play, and we are going to earn our stripes. The guys that put them on their helmets and get the chance to wear them, it is going to be because they demonstrate the characteristics that we are looking for in Cleveland Browns players. That is the way that they are going to play, that is how we are going to conduct ourselves and go out and win football games.”

Coming off an 0-16 season and 1-31 record the last 2 years, Jackson was looking for something symbolic for his team to work towards this offseason, and he felt the brown-white-brown striped decals that go down the middle of the helmet were perfect.

Linebacker Christian Kirksey, who enters his fifth season and received a contract extension last year, likes the idea.

“You’ve got to earn your right to be on this team,” Kirksey said. “Hue is saying, it’s a privilege to be on the team and I think that’s something that’s good because guys are going to work extra hard to get them.

“I think it’s a mindset that you’ve got to work hard to get where you’re at and [for] players that have stripes, it’s earned.”

During training camp former Browns head coach Mike Pettine had his players compete for special camouflage practice jerseys, Eric Mangini held competition periods.

For Jackson this year, it’s stripes.

“As we get towards the end, obviously, if you are on the team, you are going to have them, that is for sure,” Jackson said. “If you are not, you won’t. It is that simple. It is pretty simple. Kind of cut and dry.”

In 1952 the Browns’ added a single white stripe to their helmets and in 1960 a brown stripe was added to each side. The look was tweaked in 2015 as part of the uniform redesign when the sizes of the stripes were made uniform and a reflective pattern was added to it.

This year, players will have to wait to make the team before it gets added to their helmets.