Browns notes: JC Tretter says Gregg Williams providing “desperately needed” discipline

Williams’ phone blowing up after wins, team comes out of Bengals win healthy

Daryl Ruiter
November 26, 2018 - 3:46 pm

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – It’s not a coincidence that the Cleveland Browns have won their last two games under interim head coach Gregg Williams.

The reason: discipline.

“I think it is something that we desperately needed,” center JC Tretter said Monday on a conference call. “I think that he has really reigned everybody in and gotten everybody focused on one single goal. I think his leadership has been very strong. He fires up the team. He has that personality. I think everybody knows that. I think he has just done a great job of really rallying the troops to one cause. I think you see that on Sundays.”

Aside from the 2-1 record under Williams, the Browns are averaging two fewer penalties per game, there appears to be fewer blown assignments and their red zone production has exploded the last three games.

“He’s a good public speaker,” linebacker Joe Schobert said. “He’s a good leader from the front, so he has good messages and team meetings and the team has been rallying around behind it after Hue and Todd (Haley) got let go a couple of weeks ago.

“Everybody kind of needed to refocus, and he’s done a good job of keeping everybody refocused.”

Tretter credits the success to Williams for making expectations crystal clear.

“They are spelled out for you,” Tretter said. “There is no confusion on what is going on. Gregg has in every meeting hit on all of the same points over and over again to where there is really no grey area to what is expected of each player on this team. That is kind of something that I think has really helped us and helped us to really take that next step.”

While Williams will interview in January for the full-time head coaching job, he is trying to keep his focus on the task at hand, and that’s getting the Browns to the finish line with as many wins as possible.

To do that, he believes it takes discipline.

“We as athletes, we as young men and we as grown men, we crave discipline,” Williams said. “We want discipline. We just want fair discipline and understand that discipline simplifies a lot of the things in our life. It is when all of a sudden other things slide by or other people do not have to do what other people have to do that is when things start to tear you down from the inside.”

It also takes commitment from the players, which Williams has seen.

Although they were given Monday off – a ‘Victory Monday’ – several were in the building receiving treatment, reviewing film and beginning to prepare for next week’s game in Houston.

Williams hasn’t overhauled the team or its rules, just the attention to detail regarding them.

“I do not want overblow it at all – I say what I mean and I mean what I say,” Williams said. “It is about being on time, doing things the right way, not doing things halfway and doing things all of the way. That is what is needed at this level. Ability alone does not win at this level. You have to go above and beyond. When you go above and beyond in doing things the right way and doing things the best that you individually can do, then the team will get better too because everybody trusts each other.”

Call me back, maybe – Williams’ phone has blown up with calls and text messages from former players and colleagues around the league following wins over Atlanta and Cincinnati.

“I can’t keep up with my texts and my voicemails,” Williams said. “That speaks volumes, too, about how everybody is taking a look at us.

“It is not going unnoticed. They know that eventually – maybe sometime late at night when they are asleep and we are still up here trying to get better – I will return a text or two. A lot of people have reached out.”

Injury report – Williams did not provide any specific injury updates Monday afternoon, but it appears the Browns got through Sunday’s game without any significant injuries.

“I got two cuts,” Williams joked. “I have a cut on my forehead and I have a cut on my nose, but I made it out OK.”

But seriously, coach.

“It seems to be pretty good,” Williams said. We are still going through all of the processes today, but everybody who has been here today have been pretty good. Knock on wood, hope that continues.”