Ken Carman’s LeBron Free Agency 2018 tracker

We've gathered up all the rumors, here in one spot for you

Ken Carman
June 28, 2018 - 11:02 am

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Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – There are dozens of rumors floating around about LeBron James' 2018 decision at the moment, about where he will go and what he will do.

The stories and narratives change by the day, if not the hour.

Over the next few days, LeBron will choose whether or not to stay in Cleveland with the Cavaliers, or to pursue another NBA team, possibly in Los Angeles with the Lakers.

With LeBron's deadline to opt in or out of his current contract with the Cavaliers coming on Friday, check out where we stand in ‘Ken Carman’s LeBron Free Agency’ 2018 tracker.

Aug 16, 2017: This (‘17-‘18) is LeBron’s last year. He is 100% leaving. Relationship with owners beyond repair (Chris Sheridan)

Apr 17: Report that LeBron will leave the Cavs due to Dan Gilbert’s support of President Trump (Sheridan, Kurt Helin)

June 1: JR Smith’s wife’s hairdresser told that LeBron is leaving for LA because of the children wanting to move to LA

June 9: Gregg Popovich will talk to LeBron about joining Spurs (Marc Stein)

June 10: LeBron James is staying in Cleveland, and Russell Westbrook will join Cavs (Josh Cribbs, Browns ST Assistant)

June 10: Family, lifestyle puts NE Ohio in driver’s seat for LeBron (Sam Amico)

June 11: LeBron doesn’t care for living in Houston (Marla Ridnour, w/LA radio)

June 11: LeBron’s oldest son has committed to play at Sierra Canyon High School in LA. (Gary Payton)

June 12 (morning): Sierra Canyon refutes Glove’s report

June 12 (midday): Savannah James was at Sierra Canyon HS to get admissions info for her son (Clutch Points)

June 12: LeBron won’t join Philly because of the fit (Charles Barkley on 97.5 The Fanatic)

June 13: Mike Wilbon believes LeBron should play in Washington so he can be an activist like Jeff Bezos

June 13: LeBron will never play for the Knicks, but is a near lock to play for the Nuggets (Earl Boykins)

June 14: Oklahoma Artist designs billboards featuring LeBron and Russell Westbrook (News9,OKC)

June 15: LeBron made a pit stop in Miami before facing the Warriors (SLAM)

June 15: LeBron is touring private high schools in Houston (Ross Bolen, NY Times best selling author)

June 16: LeBron met with Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem in Miami when he went down there before the finals

June 17: Lonzo Ball could be included in sign and trade with Cavs, something I brought up in a joke for #IhaveATheory (AmicoHoops)

June 17: LeBron jr is committed to play Bball at Copley High School (Jake Samulak, north coast sports)

June 18: San Antonio doesn’t want to trade Kawhi Leonard to the West

June 18: Chad Johnson said he has spoken to LeBron James at length and will be apart of the decision. He asks for privacy at this time

June 18: Dustin Fox tweets that he feels like there’s a little momentum to LeBron staying in Cleveland

June 18: Damon Jones, who is close to LeBron, is given promotion within Cavs organization

June 18: Tat Selfie Trainer Josh Teplitz tweets that LeBron is staying in Cleveland

June 19: Chris Paul is telling folks LeBron “ain’t trying to come to Houston, he wants to be in LA.” (Stephen A.)

June 21: An older woman tells a local waiter that her husband’s friend’s doctor has treated LeBron and believes he is headed to LA

June 21: @Bottlegate tweets pics of jerseys for sale at Dicks: Larry Nance and Kevin Love jerseys cost $110. A LeBron James jersey costs only $44

June 21 (2 mins later): it hits me that the price $44 for a discounted LeBron Jersey is the same number Jerry West wore with the Lakers (the gif of Hassan Jordan in The Wire spins in my head)

June 21: Sam Amico’s pastor tells him that he saw Kawhi Leonard in Cleveland (More Sports and Les Levine)

June 22: Lima receives email telling him LeBron’s trainer is moving. They are eyewitnesses of the real estate agent in the trainers driveway

June 22: caller “Mike In Akron” confirms that he knows the real estate agent, and that the trainer is moving to Houston

June 23: Reggie Miller believes LeBron will sign with the Clippers, not the Lakers (Clutch Points)

June 24: LeBron changes his avatar on twitter

June 24: Sam Amick reports there is Pessimism from LeBron’s camp that Paul George will head to LA

June 25: Ramona Shelburne reports that LeBron has no intention of hearing elaborate pitches from teams that want to sign him

June 26: Dave McMenamin reports that two Cavs sources tell him that the Cavs have the best chance at getting LeBron this summer

June 26: Tom Withers publicly sticks by prediction that LeBron will stay in Cleveland, signing a short term deal

June 26: Brian Windhorst repeats that Cavs are operating as if LeBron isn’t returning

June 26: twitter account and LeBron friend @CuffsTheLegend begins liking Laker tweets

June 26: LeBron May use Space Jam 2 Trailer to announce next decision (Amico Hoops)

June 27: ESPN reports that we could know by Friday of LeBron and other FA’s intentions. Sources report Lakers are turning up pressure on Spurs for Kawhi

June 27: Greg Schwartz, a good dude I went to college with and just want to brag about that here, of Bleacher Reports, reports that the Cavs have reached out to the Spurs and made offers on Kawhi

June 27: Richard Jefferson denounces friendship with LeBron so he is not bothered by his free agency questions

June 27: A woman named “Nan” calls into Bull and Fox, claiming she knows Gloria James and says that we’ll know what LeBron is Doing JUNE 28!

June 27: The Photographer formerly known as The Tat Selfie Trainer Josh Teplitz tweets that LeBron will make a decision known on June 28th

June 27: Pastor Myron Edmunds posts Facebook video claiming that LeBron is staying in Cleveland

June 28: Dustin Fox tweets that a Vegas Insider texted him and that LeBron is staying in Cleveland