LeBron James wants to play on the same court with his son in the NBA one day

He said it would be "the greatest achievement of my life"

Ben Fontana
June 12, 2018 - 12:14 pm

© TNS (Photo by Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer)


In a pre-production meeting before the 2018 NBA Finals, James met with ESPN's broadcasters Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Doris Burke, and told them he has a new goal he wants to accomplish in his NBA career.

"You want to ask me what would be the greatest achievement of my life? If I was on the court at the same time as my son in the NBA," LeBron said. "That would be No. 1 in my lifetime as an NBA player."

Normally, there would not be cameras allowed in these meetings, but cameras were following around LeBron and Draymond Green for the James' "UNINTERRUPTED" platform, and a series called "TROPHIES"

"I thought about it because my son is about to be 14 and he might be able to get in a little early," James said, referring to LeBron, Jr.'s eligibility.

"And play together?" Breen asked.

"Or play against," James responded, to laughs and smiles.

Currently, the NBA requires a player to be a year out of high school before playing in the league. The 'one and done' rules as its commonly called.

But, there has been backlash against the rule, and things could change by the time James' son would be finished with high school in four years.

Right now, LeBron is 33 years old, and LeBron, Jr. is 13. At the elder James' current pace, its not unfathomable that the pair could be on the same court one day.