Mistakes part of the process in Sexton's development with Cavs

Larry Drew spoke with veterans about comments reported last week

Kyle Lewandowski
November 08, 2018 - 12:01 am
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) — Collin Sexton was going through his normal pregame routine for a matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday night when the rookie was notified 30 minutes before tip that he would be making his first career NBA start.

George Hill was a late scratch with right shoulder soreness and it led to the next step in the 19-year-old's development which has been up and down to begin his career.

Sexton finished the night with 15 points, two rebounds and one assist in a carrer-high 42 minutes.

“I thought he did a really good job," head coach Larry Drew said. "To me, that was a big test for him against a really good point guard in Schroder. I think he past the test. He played with a lot of vengence, he was in the attack mode, he wasn’t afraid to take the shot."

Being afraid is something Sexton has not shown once though the first 11 games of the season. Thoughout his amatuer career, Sexton had been the best player on the court everytime he laced them up. The NBA is a different animal and due to his ability to get his own shot anytime he desired leading up to the league some veterans on the team felt like Sexton didn't know how to play basketball, as reported last week.

Larry Drew said he didn't read the article but was told what it entailed and didn't think it was fair to go at the rookie like that.

Drew was asked about the team being patient with the young point guard.

“I actually pulled some guys to the side when we were in Orlando and that was my exact point, having to be patient with a 19-year-old kid. As I told a couple of the guys, you we’re 19 at one point. To step up to this level, I’m sure you would have been in a situation where you would have been making mistakes too."

When Sexton was asked about the report after the game he said the veterans have been there for him since day one, helping him learn the ropes.

The development of Sexton is essential for a Cavaliers franchise looking for anything positive after a 1-10 start to the season, not just in the now, but the future. With drafting a player eight overall comes a belief and a hope that you have found someone you can build a winning team with. Not all players are ready to come in and contribute in a way that the gameplan can be run through them and even with players like that, they make mistakes.

"In order for Collin to learn, he’s going to have to make mistakes, and some of his mistakes we’re going to have to live with," Drew said. "I want him to be aggressive. I want him to be in attack mode at all times. I don't want him to be passive. If he turns the ball over, I don’t want him to be thinking about what his teammates think and I’ve expressed that to the team. We cannot get down on this kid just because he makes mistakes. It’s tough enough as it is, coming in that young and to play on this level."

After the game Sexton said he feels more comfortable and is learning his teammates' tendencies which is helping him gel better on the floor. He knows that he makes mistakes and Drew even mentioned postgame that Sexton will turn to him whenever miscues happen and while those mishaps are alright to the man in charge, learning is the most important thing.

"I can live with mistake but you have to just keep playing hard and show me that you’re learning from you’re mistakes," Drew said. "We’ll live with his mistakes, we’ll continue to develop him and hopefully he will continue to grow. I think tonight’s game was a major step in the right direction."