Myles Garrett says Kevin Durant ruined the NBA, took easy way out

Browns defensive end blasts Durant in interview on 92.3 The Fan

Daryl Ruiter
June 14, 2018 - 8:15 am
Browns defensive end Myles Garrett

Daryl Ruiter-92.3 The Fan


Berea, OH (92.3 The Fan) – LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers and Cavs fans, Myles Garrett feels your pain.

After watching Golden State sweep the Cavs in the NBA Finals, the Browns defensive end expressed his frustrations with Kevin Durant joining the Warriors in 2016, turning the team into an insurmountable force the last 2 years.

“KD broke the league,” Garrett said in an interview with Ken Carman and Anthony Lima on 92.3 The Fan.

Garrett was just getting warmed up.

“You hopped onto a 73-9 team and he took the easy way out in my mind,” Garrett said. “It’s different when LeBron left. He went to [Miami to join] Wade and Bosh but it wasn’t something that was already guaranteed, something you already knew was going to have immediate success. [James] had to gel and work things into place."

The Warriors and Cavs split the first 2 NBA Finals between them. Golden State's title came against James and the Cavs when they were without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving due to inury in 2015. Revenge was served in 2016 when the Cavs became the first team ever to rally from 3-1 to win the championship against the team that set the NBA record for wins in a season.

Durant left Oklahoma City after being recruited to the Bay a month later altering the NBA landscape for years to come.

“With KD, you just stick him in and he scores," Garrett said. "You already knew what they had. They were 73-9 before and you put the second-best player in the world on an already all-time great team and of course you’re going to have success, pretty easy success. Anyone can have an off night and they can still find a way to win.”

Durant has already publicly committed to re-signing with the Warriors this offseason meaning that any hopes the team will break up have been dashed for another year at least. 

”If I were him I would’ve never made a move like that in the first place,” Garrett said. “Me, I’m too competitive to try and ride on somebody’s coat tails to get a W. But for him, you might as well stay at the spot you’re at now. There’s no point in leaving since you’ve already taken that moniker where he’s been called the snake and cupcake and all that. You might as well stay and just keep on winning.”

Garrett’s solution to fix the NBA?

“Hard caps, got to,” Garrett said.

James, who serves as First Vice President of the NBPA since 2015, took Boston’s ‘Big 3’ idea to the next level with Miami and again with the Cavs.

“He kind of did,” Garrett said. “I guess he made his own demise or caused his own demise but at the end of the day I’d rather see hard caps. It focuses more on team play, being able to have chemistry instead of getting the big player and who’s going to change the game. You can get a couple of guys like Boston, who didn’t have their 2 star players and yet they went to the [conference] finals because they all gave a collective effort. Everybody pitched in and were almost successful.”