Nobody giving the Cavs a chance? Good.

The fact that nobody's giving the Cavs a shot can be a good thing

Jake Chapman
May 31, 2018 - 4:14 pm
LeBron James

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Nobody is giving the Cavs a chance against the Warriors, not even me.

And I love it.

Ever since Kyrie Irving became a Boston Celtic, I thought, nay knew, the Cavs wouldn’t win a title this year. I knew that even if Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder worked out, the Cavs wouldn’t have the star power they once had. I knew that Thomas wouldn’t be healthy until midseason, which meant a half a year to develop chemistry. I knew the Warriors would need an absolute super team to beat them. I knew all of this to be true.

And to be honest, most of it was correct. The trade was a disaster, so much so that the organization punted on Thomas after just 15 games. They remade their roster on the fly. There was nowhere near enough time to put it all together. They started the playoffs with a 5-man group that had never once played together, and they struggled through rounds 1 and 3, a flawed group that was "carried" by the best player ever.

And yet here we are, preparing for Game 1. Chapter 4. Warriors/Cavs.

I don’t really think the Cavs will win, just like nearly everybody else. But seriously, who gives a flying ---- what we think?

There are myriad reasons the Cavs are historic underdogs in Vegas. The Warriors have 4 Hall of famers. Their 5th best player is a Finals MVP. The Cavs 5th best player is ummm…. Tristan Thompson? Nobody believes in them, and anyone who does is too scared to verbalize it.


In Cleveland, we don’t do "favorites" well. But damned if we don’t know how to play the underdog. As a city, a region, and certainly as a sports market, we LOVE nobody believing in us. We LOVE smashing a big city narrative into ESPN’s face, or beating the Yankees, or proving some big time know-it-all like Joe Buck or Stephen A. Smith wrong. It’s how we were raised. That rusty chip on our shoulders. The only thing better than winning is saying I told you so after the fact.

I mean, they play the games for a reason. If the Cavs do get smoked then God bless ‘em, it's been a hell of a ride. But what if they don’t? What if LeBron is super-human and Hill bugs Curry and Draymond self-destructs and JR gives Klay more resistance than Kyrie did and Korver is lights out and Green helps out on Durant and you get something from Clarkson and Love is a beast? It could happen. All of this could happen. It’s not bloody likely, but it could happen.

My head tells me Warriors in 6. My heart tells me to recite the great philosopher, Jake Taylor:

“Well, then I guess there’s only one thing left to do….”

“What’s that?”

“Win the whole ----ing thing.”

Go Cavs.