Odell Beckham Jr. fires back at Colin Cowherd, who trolled him over OTA absence

Browns WR, Baker Mayfield respond to Cowherd’s Family Feud inspired rant

Daryl Ruiter
May 16, 2019 - 7:43 pm

Darly Ruiter - 92.3 The Fan


Cleveland, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – Colin Cowherd’s trolling of the Cleveland Browns continued Thursday with Odell Beckham Jr. as his primary target this time, prompting responses on Twitter from the receiver and Baker Mayfield.

The Fox Sports talk show host ran through a satirical Family Feud themed ‘Top 10’ of Beckham’s 'most memorable moments' of his career during his show on Thursday in criticism of Beckham’s absence from most of the Browns' offseason program, including OTAs.

“So when you go back to the 10 biggest moments in Odell Beckham’s career – one great catch, one great commercial, and a lot of nonsense,” Cowherd said. “I mean, that’s my problem.

“Are you building a brand? Are you building Instagram followers? I like him. I’ve talked to him, long talk. I think he’s an all-time talent, but I didn’t even put this Cleveland thing in the top-10. You gotta connect with Baker Mayfield. You gotta be there. You’re better than this.”

Beckham, in a series of tweets responded to Cowherd and the video of the bit that was posted by the official account for Cowherd's show.

 “NOWWWW UVE GONE TOOOO FAR.... bro I understand nobody listens to ur show but stop using my name to get clout bro, I let u say and do whatever u want but uve gone to far now. So heres the attention U wanted and desperately needed i see. I had respect for u after talkin on the ph.”

With a picture of a text exchange with Cowherd, who congratulated him on the trade March 12 saying “kick ass, I’m rooting for you,” Beckham added: “This is the shxt I be talkin bout wit the bold tv people who see u in person and have completely different convos ;Alllll of those moments got better ratings and attention than any of ur shows ever. And that’s not somethin im braggin about cause im not “proud” of those.”

“But I honestly I really hate to even give u this spotlight. Just put some respect on my name as ur talkin bout me and my family to booost ur TV shows and ratings. If I was GREAT then u and others wouldn’t talk about me this much. I DONT hear much talk bout anybody else at All.”

“Next time I have media, ima make sure I put an end to all of this. Just don’t be putting shxt out on social media u WOULD NOT say to my face or in person ... u really scary.”

Then Mayfield, who has been a target of Cowherd dating back to his days at Oklahoma, also responded.

“Once again, you’re a clown.... now I know you’re just trying to get me fired up. “Most memorable moments”... he’s 26 and his greatest moments are ahead of him. You forget the kids and people he inspires. That goes much further than football...” Mayfield tweeted followed by, “You’re over double his age and you can’t even realize that it’s much bigger than just the game. Wisdom didn’t come with age for you did it?”