Odell Beckham Jr. feels "tested" but won't let critics "break" him

Receiver says "I can smell blood" when Browns get into red zone

Daryl Ruiter
November 07, 2019 - 5:34 pm

Berea, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – Odell Beckham Jr.’s watches, visors and shoes have all made headlines this season and the receiver continues to feel targeted.

He just wishes the targets would come on the field.

“I don’t call the plays, I do what I’m told,” Beckham said Wednesday.

For some inexplicable reason, Beckham has just 4 targets inside the 20 this season.

“When it gets down in the red zone for the past four to five years, I don’t know how many targets I’ve really had,” Beckham said. “I get down there, they’re going to double, they’re going to play two high shell to my side, the safeties locked in on me, so it’s tough. The more we get down in the red zone and have more efficiency, the looser teams will have to play, they’ll have to find a way to adjust. Until we do better in the red zone, all of us, it’s going to be tough to feel like I need to get the ball when we get down there.

“But I can smell blood when I get down there. I’m close to the end zone, I want it. It’s just a matter of finding the right play in the right time.”

It could help explain why the Browns are so awful in the red zone in 2019 – 27 trips, 22 scores and just 12 touchdowns through 8 games.

Beckham leads the Browns in catches and receiving yards, but he has just 1 touchdown, which s not something he’s used to.

Beckham is a lightning rod for controversy.

No matter what he does, it seems to follow him, and he’s come to terms with it.

“I’m just going to keep getting tested on it,” Beckham said. “I think people just want to see me break, they want to see that side that was in there with what I was dealing (with) in another situation. I really doubt you’re going to see… You can keep trying all you want, tell me to take the cleats off, visor, tell me I can’t wear gloves … I don’t know what will be next, but it will always be something. As long as I know in my heart I’m good with where I’m at, nothing’s ever going to really bother me. I’m going to come here, I’m going to do my job, I’m going to try and give 110 every time I can go and that’s just it.”

As for the latest scandal, and we use that term facetiously, Beckham’s joker themed cleats that he was asked to remove at halftime in Denver, he’s not going to be forced to play by what he feels are a separate set of rules.

“I feel bad, but I really just don't care,” Beckham said. “It's not just me. I see players from the last game with pants that are on their thighs, but the tights are underneath so it's like it's all good. I don't want to get anybody else in trouble but I see people wearing lime green and their colors, there's no team in the NFL that's lime green except Seattle.

“It's just stupid. I really don't care and that's what I said. They're going to find a way to try and make me upset. If they're going to talk about cleats and then it's going to be a reflection on my character or whatever it is when really I just didn't have anything else to wear so I'm going to wear whatever's the most comfortable. That's really it.”