Being a Bengals or Browns Fan Petitioned as 'Condition' for Medical Marijuana Use

January 08, 2020 - 12:31 pm

Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns have experienced nothing but low points for many years, but they may finally get to experience what it is like to be on higher ground.

No, their teams aren’t ready to make a Super Bowl run, but until that day does come, fans may soon have a legal way of dealing with the stress and anxiety of what comes with watching the Bengals and Browns week after week.

According to FOX 19 Now, a petition submitted to the State Medical Board of Ohio includes being a Bengals/Browns fan among a list of 28 qualifying conditions to receive a medical marijuana prescription.

The State Medical Board’s Medical Marijuana Committee are scheduled to meet on Feb. 12 to decide on which conditions on the petition should be recommended to the full State Medical Board for a final vote this summer.

While there may not be any sort of official case study conducted by physicians or medical marijuana experts for the committee to review, one would certainly be fascinating at the very least.

Just this past season Bengals fans watched their team go 1-15 while Browns fans entered it with Super Bowl expectations filled with the franchise’s most talented roster in decades, only to watch the team self-implode its way to a disappointing 6-10 season.

Browns fans have not even seen a playoff win since the 1994 season, while Bengals fans have not seen one since 1990. Neither franchise has ever won the Super Bowl, either.

While the committee may dismiss this as a “condition,” they should probably at least consider some of the aforementioned factors before making a final decision.

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