Boomer Esiason on DeSean and Stephen Jackson: 'It's So Repulsive, I Couldn't Sleep'

Boomer and Gio
July 08, 2020 - 4:22 pm

DeSean Jackson’s recent anti-Semitic comments on Instagram have caused a firestorm around the sports world, particularly when it comes to DeSean apologizing before later doubling down on his thoughts and former NBA star Stephen Jackson stepping in to defend DeSean.

In times like these the world is going through today, dialogue on how to make positive change is more important than ever, and in the open of Wednesday’s Boomer and Gio Show, Boomer Esiason looked back at how he found out at the end of Tuesday’s show what DeSean had said, and how it affected him for the next 24 hours.

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“We had a caller call in towards the end of the show yesterday who was a relative of Holocaust survivors, who wanted us to read what DeSean Jackson put out – and when I read it, I couldn’t believe an NFL player would put that out. I was hoping he would come out and say his Instagram account was hacked or something,” Boomer said. “The offensive nature of it, and you could hear it in our caller’s voice…I was embarrassed yesterday. We didn’t have time to get into it yesterday because it was at the end of the show, but the fact that DeSean doesn’t know about it…I can’t explain it at all. It’s so repulsive, I just couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it.”

Boomer then continued, lashing out at friend of the program Stephen Jackson, for his response.

“On top of all of that comes a guy who we like, and have had on, who works for the same company we do in Stephen Jackson,” Boomer said. “For him to come out before DeSean can apologize, and start ripping into the NFL and supporting DeSean Jackson, is even more embarrassing.”

That said, Boomer hopes that this whole situation can be a chance for the Jacksons, and others, to educate themselves about realities of the history of the world to understand the magnitude of comments like these.

“They need to get on an airplane, and fly to Auschwitz, and go see what it looks like, and feel it. I’ve been to Dachau, I know what it feels and looks like. When you see racism and anti-Semitism live, it just repulses you, just like the killing of George Floyd repulsed everybody. That made Stephen Jackson a household name across the country, because he had a story to tell about his friend and came with great credibility and a personality. Then he pulls this yesterday – how can anybody support that?”

Gregg Giannotti, too, was flabbergasted.

“I had to watch Stephen Jackson a couple of times to even believe he was saying what he was saying; I couldn’t understand for the life of me where he was coming from,” Gio said. “I wondered if it’s actually possible that DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson don’t know who Hitler was! Maybe they don’t, but how could one person in DeSean come out and post that kind of thing, and then Stephen comes out and says he was speaking the truth?”

And then, Gio have an example about how powerful words are and perception is, referencing Stephen Jackson’s thoughts from weeks ago after George Floyd’s killing vis-à-vis his DeSean Jackson defense:

“He did some great things after the death of George Floyd, and his message was love for people who have love for all – and then all of a sudden he’s taken a left turn into extreme anti-Semitism?” Gio asked. “Now I feel like everything he said in the past, that I was with him on, was erased, because it doesn’t mean anything when you have that kind of hate in your heart.”

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