Ryen Russillo: We're so spoiled by LeBron

He says it's almost unfair to other NBA stars

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May 31, 2018 - 1:06 pm
LeBron James

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Ryen Russillo joined Andy and Jeff to preview the NBA Finals. First they discussed whether NBA fans are burnt out on the Cavs/Warriors, Ryen said LeBron has spoiled us as fans because he makes legendary performances so routine.

Then they discussed whether the Cavs have that much worse a shot this year than they did last year, and Ryen said he would buy that if he'd seen better performances throughout the Eastern playoffs.

He did allow for the fact that this group was put together so late that they may be peaking right now. He also provided a defensive gameplan for Ty Lue.

Ryen went on to say that Ty Lue gets too much blame when they lose and probably not enough when they win, and he went through some of the rotational questions Ty faces. Last he said he likes the Cavs in 6.