Terry Francona says there's "no hiccups" in Indians camp testing so far

Tribe skipper praises team, medical staff for keeping things in order

Mitch Spinell
July 06, 2020 - 1:30 pm

Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) - It’s been less than a week since baseball made its return to the practice field, but the issue of the coronavirus pandemic is still greatly affecting major league clubs.

The Oakland Athletics cancelled their practice on Sunday, due to delays in COVID-19 testing. Today, the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals did the same.

However, Indians manager Terry Francona – in a teleconference with the media today – said his team has not experienced any setbacks in taking precautions – for the most part.

“I think maybe the first morning, we may have had a little hiccup where [the tests] were a little late, but from then on, no, it’s been…terrific.” said Francona.

“We’ve have not any…hiccups.”

Getting Back on the Field

While it’s good news that there are currently no major setbacks for the Indians, Francona also added he is liking what he’s seen from his players, especially their Sunday practice.

“That’s what you look for [in] guys. That’s the reality of where we are…you can either complain about it, or you can try to embrace it, attack it…and they really did a good job.”

Tito has been stressing the need for the Tribe to come together and work towards functioning as a team, even as the players’ conditions and settings are unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

“You gotta try and simulate [preparing for a season] the best you can,” Francona stated, “Or when we get together, we’re not gonna be able to hit the ground running. We’re gonna spend too much time playing catch-up.”

Addressing the Name Change Statement

Francona also discussed today the aftermath of his comments on Sunday, in which he said he believes the team needs to change its nickname. Tito also added he has had discussions with Indians president Chris Antonetti and general manager Mike Chernoff for years about the issue.

Today, Tito addressed that he received many messages from people – some of which he didn’t know could reach him.

“There are people that got my email that I didn’t realize had the ability to get to my email…so to that segment of the population, thanks for sharing your opinions.” Francona stated, followed by a chuckle.

Tito also added: “I actually had some really nice ones…really, really thoughtful texts - and some emails, too. And then you get the…other ones that, I think, sometimes people are just looking to get mad someday.”

The Indians put out a statement on Friday, saying they were having discussions of potentially changing the name, which has been with the team since 1915.

Camp Shenanigans

While the Indians and Francona have been greatly focused on getting back into shape and staying healthy, there has been some time for players to mess with their beloved skipper.

When asked about a seemingly joking conversation he had with shortstop Francisco Lindor today, Tito began his response with, “That was not joking around! I wanted to shoot him! We almost released him!”

Tito then explained that Frankie told him he needed to sanitize his hands, so he did.

“And it was the firm grip they used.”

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