Francona: Lindor progressing well, ramping up activity

Will Frankie be ready to play on March 28?

James Rapien
March 18, 2019 - 6:35 pm

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Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – Francisco Lindor’s strained calf has hovered over the Indians all spring long.

The three-time All-Star needs to be healthy if this team is going to make another playoff run. The idea of Eric Stamets or Ryan Flaherty starting shortstop is enough to make most Indians fans cringe. It’s nothing personal, but Lindor is irreplaceable and needed now more than ever.

The Indians’ roster isn’t as talented as it was heading into spring training over the past few seasons. The margin for error is smaller, which makes losing a star like Lindor even more painful than normal.

Will Frankie be ready by Opening Day?

 “We’ll sit down in the next day or so because I know he really wants to break (camp) with us,” Indians manager Terry Francona said. “We want to put him in the best spot physically. We’ll go through that with the medical team.”

Lindor, 25, played in two minor-league games last week and has shown enough progress to take a step forward in the rehab process.

“He is really ramping up his activity,” Francona said. “Today (Sunday) he sprinted on the grass when you start to make your turns. We’ll sit down as a group with him in the next day or so.”

Some have wondered how playing in the cold weather could impact Lindor’s calf?

“He needs to be healthy,” said Francona. “If he’s not healthy enough to play in cold weather, we shouldn’t be messing around with that. We just have to do the right thing.”

The Indians are taking their time with Frankie, which is the right decision, but don’t be surprised if he’s playing on March 28 against Minnesota.