Tom Withers on LeBron's future: Does he want to be remembered as a mercenary?

He says his gut feeling is that LeBron signs another short-term deal in Cleveland

Baskin & Phelps
June 07, 2018 - 12:05 pm

Tom Withers joined Andy and Jeff to discuss the NBA Finals. He said the difference in Game 3 was the third quarter when Golden State charged out of the gate to tie it up.

He mentioned Golden State giving so little room for error, saying they're tougher in that regard than perhaps any team in the last 30 years

 He spoke to how haphazard the last year has been for the Cavs, and he said it was good enough to get through the east, but likely not good enough to beat a team like Golden State. They also discussed the home-court advantage the Cavs enjoyed at the Q in Game 3.

The conversation then shifted to the offseason and the Cavs ability to reshape the roster.