Eric Pincus says it'll be tough for Cavs to upgrade roster before LeBrons decision

Baskin & Phelps
Wednesday, June 13th
Eric Pincus from BBall Insiders joined Andy and Jeff to discuss the Cavs offseason. He said the Cavs are going to have trouble upgrading the roster before LeBron James makes his decision in July because they're against the cap apron right now. He mentioned that shedding salary will be a problem because LeBron's salary is on the books right now regardless of whether he re-signs. Then they got into the Lakers' cap situation and discussed where they are now and where the Cavs are after the February trade for Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson. He went through some options for the Cavs including a stretch provision on JR Smith's contract and what they might be able to do with George Hill's contract.